How to Draw Kitty Krueger

Artist: Dawn / June 9, 2014

Step 1.

Make a simple circle for the head and then a guideline for the arm and hand.

Step 2.

The first thing you will add on Kitty is Freddy Krueger's hat. This is an old hat so there should be some hint of age. You can do this by making the ends pointed. Draw in her ears too as they peek out the top.

Step 3.

Detail the hat by adding a dimple line at the top, then draw in a crease line at the base. This also adds to the age of the hat.

Step 4.

Define the shape of the face using the guide you made in step one. When that is done incorporate the shoulder, then draw in the small round nose.

Step 5.

Before you draw in all the scaring on Hello Kitty Krueger's face you will need to draw out and color in the eye. Add some whiskers and age under the eye, then you can add the scars which are just small swirl lines.

Step 6.

Let us now draw the arms. The one that is coming towards the viewer should be drawn first. Sketch in the ends of the sleeves in a torn, ripped fashion like you see here. Add detailing under the armpit area, then proceed to step seven.

Step 7.

Get ready to draw in the glove of knives. You will begin by drawing the shape of the wrist first, then draw in a thumb.

Step 8.

Get started by drawing the nubs for fingers which are also the base of each knife you will add in step nine.

Step 9.

Now draw the long slashing knives on each finger like so, then add a plate on the top part of the glove.

Step 10.

Kitty's other hand is normal but in a clawed pose.

Step 11.

Draw in the shirt fully and like with the ends of the sleeves, you will need to draw some tears and rips on the end of Kitty Krueger's shirt.

Step 12.

And finally, draw in her stubby legs, then cap off the pants with square lined shoes. Once that is done add detailing to the pants, then erase the guides and mistakes.

Step 13.

You are ready to color in Kitty Krueger. I hope you had fun, and remember to show off your hard work.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Here is yet another version of Hello Kitty that I thought folks would enjoy. The idea for this lesson came to me by request so here's to you that gave me a shout out to do this tut. Up next we will learn "how to draw Kitty Krueger", step by step. The only thing I left out that is a signature part of Kitty is her bow. I didn't thing it would look right to place a bow on the hat of a character that is a serial killer in teenagers dreams. The concept overall came out pretty cool. I love her glove of knives as well as the clothing. If are a fan of a Nightmare on Elm Street film series, you should enjoy this lesson on one famous dude in Kitty form. Adios folks and enjoy.