How to Draw Goth Hello Kitty


Make the shape for the head, then draw the body. Add the facial guidelines too.


Define the shape of Kitty's face, then draw in her rough lined bangs.


Use the facial guidelines to color in the eyes, the draw the nose and whiskers.


Make the shapes of the arms, then move to step five.


Here you will draw the bottom of her shirt, then draw in the beginnings of her skirt.


Now draw her cute chubby legs like so with rounded feet.


Now you can begin drawing the skull shaped bow. When that is done move along to step eight.


Add the eyes on the skull face, then the nose and mouth. Add the holes for the bow too.


Draw in Kitty's long straight hair that curls up at the ends. When that is done draw in her small cone shaped ears, then add the piercings on her ears.


And lastly, draw in the netting on the arms for her arm socks, then on her legs for the fish net stockings. When that is all done you can erase the mistakes as well as the guides.


That's it, the line art is all done. Now you can go ahead and color in your new goth drawing of Hello Kitty.

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August 1, 2014

Description: I have done a lesson before on an emo Hello Kitty, but today I think it's time that I do a tutorial on "how to draw Goth Hello Kitty", step by step. I really wanted to go all out with this version of Kitty and because of that I made her attire super special. I have her a skirt, some net stocking, net arm socks, black boots, her signature bow in a skull design, long black hair, and some piercings on each of her ears. I love how she came out and I really would like to see a doll or plush of Hello Kitty in this Gothic form. Let me know what you think of this concept by leaving me some feedback.

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