How to Draw Kittens

Artist: Dawn / December 9, 2009

Step 1.

Drawing kittens is fun and with this lesson it will be easy. Start with two egg shaped circles for the kittens heads. You will then add the facial guidelines as well as the shapes for the kitten's body to the right.

Step 2.

Using the facial guidelines that you drew in step one, draw in the big bold eyes and then color them in as shown to you here. Your next move is going to be drawing the kittens tail lines and then the front part of the body for the kitten to the left.   

Step 3.

Here you will draw a kittens head they way you see it done here. This will also include the shape of the cheeks and all. When that is done you can then sketch out the legs, and paws on both kittens. Next start sketching out the lining for the kittens   

Step 4.

Now that yo have reached your last drawing step, you can start sketching out the shape of the kittens ears, shape of the puffy tail, and for the kitten to the right you will sketch out the rest of the hind leg. You will also need to draw in the nose,   

Step 5.

Well that is pretty much it, you just finished this tutorial on "how to draw kittens step by step". Color them in any shade you like, and you can also place markings on them too.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 9, 2009
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Description: Yesterday I had so much fun drawing live for you all. I always like when members and visitors join me while I draw some of my tutorials online. Last night, I decided that I should do another version of the anime kitty that I have in the top fifty. I figured since he was so cute as one, why not draw two and make a lesson on โ€œhow to draw kittens step by stepโ€. I have seen my anime kitty all over the internet and every time I do I smile. Drawing kittens is something that I have loved to draw for so long which is why I have gotten so good at it. The two felines that I drew look incredibly adorable, and I think you can tell that they are playful, loving, and sweet. My favorite out of the two is the kitten that is facing toward the viewer. He looks like he is ready to pounce on a ball, bird, or piece of string. I also wanted to make sure that the two kittens were doing something instead of just sitti8ng there. I have had my share of kittens, which means I am pretty familiar with all the different poses that these little kitties are often in. For one of them I chose to have the kitten beg for a piece of fish or maybe even a toy. The other kitten is licking it's chops because he just got done eating food, or a mouse. I remember I had this one cat that actually used to kill and bring mice to the front door of our house. Even though it was disgusting, she was doing us a favor by being our own little exterminator. Kittens do the darnedest things and they are probably one of the cutest baby animals to own. The cat I have now did something so cute one day when he was really young. I was laying on my bed and he tried to jump over to me from a chair that was about three feet away. As he attempted to jump, he fell and landed on his caboose. Anyways, I'm sure there are plenty of you that own cats or kittens, or have owned one in the past. I think you will find that this tutorial is fun, exciting and wicked cute. Learning how to draw kittens step by step is easy and when you are done you can color them in to your liking. I still have more lessons to upload, so be sure to either stick around, or come back tomorrow. Peace out guys and happy drawing.