How to Draw a Cartoon Black Cat


To get started, draw a circle for her head. Then draw a cuved line, this is the start for the back and tail.


Next, you draw the ears and body. Then finish the tail.


Now draw the front legs and back legs.


Next, you draw her face.


Finally, you erase the lines that you don't need and color in you cat. That is unless you want her to be a white cat!

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October 6, 2009

Description: Since Holloween is just around the corner. So I, Catimakittycat has ended up randomly dong this tutorial. Now, Black cats have been surounded with superstition for years. That is because many years ago, black cats were considered "bad luck" and "evil." Plus if a black cat crosses you path, you get bad luck (that isn't really true.)Please enjoy this tutorial!

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