How to Draw King from The Owl House

How to Draw King from The Owl House
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Make a circle for the head guide and then the facial guidelines.


Go ahead and draw the defined shape of King's face.


You will need to draw out the large round eyes and make them looks like they are spiraled.


You will now need to draw out the nose and fangs.


Lastly, draw the ears and the rest of the jaw and teeth. Erase any and all mistakes as well as visible guides.


You are now ready to color King in from The Owl House.

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September 16, 2020

The very last lesson for the day is going to be on how to draw King from the Owl House, step by step. King is a small demon like dog that has this notion that he was once king of all the demons at a point in his existence. Whether or not that is true, still has to be determined. Anyways, King also shares space with Eda as a roommate and is also Eda's sidekick. I do think you will enjoy the lesson because I looked, and there are no tuts that I could find on any Owl House characters.

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