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How to Draw Billy Idol, Billy Idol

Artist: Dawn / July 14, 2013
How to Draw Billy Idol, Billy Idol

Step 1.

Let us begin with sketching out the shape of Billy's head or guide for the head. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.

Step 2.

Here you will use the guide you just made to sketch out the shape of Billy's face. Sketch in the hair line and don't forget his signature curl on his forehead.

Step 3.

Okay, we will now attempt to sketch the hairstyle that Billy rocks even today. It is long bit very spiked. It sort of looks like a fine flame.

Step 4.

Draw in the ears which are almost flush on the sides of his face, then proceed to step five.

Step 5.

Now the fun begins because we will be drawing his actual stare. Start with the eyebrows, then draw in the shapes of his eyes. The darkened areas are for added intensity to make his stare that much more powerful. Once you have shaded in those areas, d   

Step 6.

You will now begin drawing his nose, then his snare for a mouth. His upper lip does this slight arch lift, so make sure to incorporate that concept. Add the detailing under the bottom lip, then add the dimples and indents on the face like around the    

Step 7.

Finish Billy off by sketching out the shape of his neck, followed by the shirt collar and shoulders. There isn't much left to detail, but you can do as you please. Erase your mistakes as well.

Step 8.

Here is Billy all drawn out and ready to color in if you want. You can also leave your drawing as a sketched portrait.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 14, 2013
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Description: "In the midnight hour she cried- "more, more, more". With a rebel yell she cried- "more, more, more". In the midnight hour babe- "more, more, more". With a rebel yell- "more, more, more". More, more, more". That is one of my favorite songs from the guy you are looking at now. I can not tell you how many times I have heard Rebel Yell, White Wedding, Dancing with Myself, and Eyes Without a Face. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Billy Idol", step by step. As you know Billy Idol is one of the worlds most iconic singers/performers. He has been around the early eighties and has made a stain on pop rock history. I wouldn't call Billy Idol rock and roll because he had a pop sound as well with the rock sound. I really enjoy drawing Billy Idol and I hope you guys have fun with this lesson too. I did have a problem with getting his mouth right as he has that signature snare. Do your best, and remember to keep rocking out.