How To Draw Jonah Hill, Jonah Hill


To draw the hilarious Jonah Hill, let's start with the basic construction lines. Using a 2H or hard pencils, sketch the basic shape for the head and insert the crisscross construction lines of the face. Hill has a large, round head, so keep that in m   


Now that our guide lines are in place, let's get to work on his eyes first. They should be almond shaped and rest directly on your horizontal construction line. The eyes should be opened wide so that we can see the entire pupil and iris of each eye.    


Draw his eyebrows with smooth arches to them. His left eyebrow will appear shorter due to the angle of his head. Draw the strands of hair pointing towards the outer edges of the face.


His nose should have a sharp point to the tip, and should be pointing upwards. Use your vertical construction line to help place the nose. The nostrils should appear large at this angle. Draw long creases protruding from the corners of the nostrils,    


Hill has very prominent lips. Draw his mouth with a slight smirk on it. The mouth should rest half way between the nose and chin. His upper lip has a distinct V shape in the middle. Be sure to draw the indentation above the upper lip, as well as the   


Now draw the contours of his face and the chin. He is overweight, so his cheek should be very round and smooth. He has a very rounded chin as well.


His ear should appear to rest low on the head since he is looking upwards. We should only be able to see his right ear at this angle. The top of the ear should fall in line with the bridge of his nose, the bottom should be even with the top of his ch   


Jonah has thick, wavy hair, but it's fairly short. Take your time drawing the hair and make sure that certain clumps of hair flow in the same direction. There should be portions of hair on top of the head that are curled upwards somewhat.


He can be wearing a jacket, which we should see the open collar of and upper shoulders. The collar should wrap high around the back of his neck and have a few creases in it. You can add vertical lines for texture, but be sure that they mold to the co   


Give him dress shirt underneath the jacket. We only need to see the top portion of the folded collar from this close perspective.


Next, ink your image using a brush and ink, or Micron markers. Be patient and make sure to go over the proper lines and don't accidentally ink any construction lines. A brush works great when inking hair and creases in fabric. Once the ink dries, era   


Let's insert some shadows so as to give the image a greater sense of depth and perspective. Use a brush and ink, or a fat tipped marker. Establish a light source, in this case it is coming from the upper right side of the page, and add shadow to the    


If you've made any mistakes, you can use white ink or opaque white paint to correct them. Add in any final touches, such as highlights on the eyes or hair if you haven’t already done so. And you're done! That's how you the hysterical Jonah Hill!

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June 18, 2013

Description: I think Jonah Hill is probably the funniest person in Hollywood these days. I've seen Superbad countless times and I still bust a gut every single time I watch it. Learn how to draw the star from the new film, This Is The End, in a comic book style.

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