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How to Draw Jet the Hawk

Artist: Meepers1242 / September 29, 2012
How to Draw Jet the Hawk

Step 1.

You guys all know what we gotta do first XD. Draw a circle for his head and two smaller circles on top of that circle. Then draw another circle under that for his chest. And then 4 circles for his gloves.Finally his hair base and his shoes base.

Step 2.

Start drawing on his beak or mouth. And then his eye go back down to his beak then draw upwards and draw on his goggles.

Step 3.

Finish drawing on his goggles then draw on his hair or feathers. Once you finish that draw on his chest feathers or fur and begin drawing on his arm.

Step 4.

FInsh drawing on his arm and start drawing on his glove. Then go up and draw on his other arm glove and hand (the hand is a little tricky). Go back down and draw on his body now and finish off by drawing on the beginning of his shoes.

Step 5.

Now finish his shoes/boots and then go back up and draw on his hand. Don't forget the fire looking things on his arms :). And to finish this step draw on his tail. :D

Step 6.

And to finish Jet the Hawk completely draw him his board. It has a few small details to it but it shouldn't be to hard :D Once you've done that your done :3

Step 7.

Yay your done :D Now you MUST color it >:D XD just kidding :3 Well I hope you guys like this tutorial. :)

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