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How to Draw Benson from Regular Show

Artist: Meepers1242 / September 30, 2012
How to Draw Benson from Regular Show

Step 1.

Always gotta start off with a base. Draw a circle for his head and a half of a rectangle for his body draw part of what looks like a square on top of the circle.Then draw a square for his clipboard and then 4 noodle like lines for his arms and his   

Step 2.

We'll start off on his face. First draw a circle for his head (pretty simple XD). Next draw two circles for his eyes and then smaller circles for his pupils.Then draw a semi think line above his eyes then a thinner smaller one above that. Draw the li   

Step 3.

Draw on his rectangular body and then his clipboard. Next draw on his small details to his body and lastly draw on his arms and his pencil.

Step 4.

Omg the hardest part EVER!!!!!!!!!!! XD Just kidding all you have to do to finish is draw on his legs and his feets :3 Then your done :D

Step 5.

Yayyyy your done :D I hope you guys liked my tutorial on how to draw benson :)

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