How to Draw Jessie, Jessie From Pokemon


Before we draw Jessie from the front, how about a lesson on drawing Jessie from the side. Make the shapes and guidelines for the head, then draw the profile of her forehead, nose, mouth and chin. The neck is already drawn so when you are finished, yo   


Make the shape of the head, then add the facial guidelines as well as the shoulders and neck.


Jessie has a heart shapes face because of her hairline. Draw out the jawline using straight strokes.


Here is a simple way to draw Jessie's eye. Start with the shape of her eye like so, then draw in the eyeball, color in the pupil, then that's it.


Using what you just learned from the previous step, draw out Jessie's eyes, then her eyebrows, ears, and mouth. You will need to add the detailing inside of the ears, then draw out the earrings.


Finish drawing her eyes, then add her nose and lips.


Okay, everyone knows that Jessie has one memorable hairstyle. Draw the crescent shaped swoop like so, then begin sketching out her neck, collar, shoulders and arms.


Lastly, detail her hair, finish the collar, then add the definition to the shirt around the shoulders and neckline. Draw in the top part of the R, then color it in. Erase the errors you may have made.


Here is Jessie from Pokemon or Team Rocket. I hope you had fun, and I also hope you learned something new.

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November 28, 2012

Description: Hey everyone, I'm back with a tutorial on a character from Pokemon. This is one of the few female figures from the show, so I know you must know who she is. Today, I will try to teach you all "how to draw Jessie", step by step. Jessie is the female counterpart to James and Team Rocket. Jessie is the one with the violent temper and vein personality. Her features are almost identical to James' fiancee Jessiebelle. Team Rocket is where Jessie's mother worked when Jessie was a kid. She met James when she attended Pokemon Tech, which is a school for aspiring trainers. Even though Team Rocket has always been at odds with Ash and his team, they are still two of my favorite characters from the series. I had a lot of fun drawing Jessie from Pokemon and if you're a Pokemon fan, you will too. I have to roll down out of here because there is more work that needs to be done. Adios people and enjoy!

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