How to Draw Lickitung

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Make two circles like so, then draw the facial guide.


Begin making the structure of Lickitung's body or head.


Next, draw in the small beady eyes then color them in. You will draw the mouth, large low hanging tongue, then add the nostrils, and detailing on the tongue.


Draw Lickitung's short stubby arms, round big belly, and short stubby thighs. Don't forget the tooth like nails on each hand followed by the one foot shape.


Lastly draw the other leg and foot followed by the large fat tail. Draw the stripes on the chest and or belly, then make the swirl circle on the knee. Erase the mistakes because you are all done with drawing Lickitung.


Lickitung is all done. Grab your coloring tools and add some life to your drawing.

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December 12, 2012

Description: I feel a series pf drawings coming on because I just can't seem to stop with drawing Pokemon. To fill a few requests, here is "how to draw Lickitung", step by step. This pink colored, big, round ball of mass is an odd looking creature in deed. He/she looks a bit like Squirtle but with the legs like Bulbasuar, a massive back end, and a thick long licking tongue. These Pokemon species are large, short, and very soft. Despite what they look like, Lickitung have super smooth bodies or skin. Their simple design or lining patterns is going to make drawing Lickitung that much easier. It is said that their tongues are six feet, six inches long. Lickitung have the ability to paralyze their opponents or enemies with one long lick. They have incredibly sticky saliva, as well as being very thick or slim like. If you are a fan of Lickitng this should be an exciting tutorial for you to tackle. Enjoy yourselves, and let your creative energy go wild.

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