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how to draw Cheryl from pokemon

Artist: minun_pokemon / November 26, 2012
how to draw Cheryl from pokemon

Step 1.

First you draw the part that's on Cheryl's Hair.

Step 2.

Next you draw Cheryl's ear and the shape of her head.

Step 3.

After that you draw her neck,her sleeve,and the marks for creases that are on her clothes.

Step 4.

Then you draw part of her hair that droops behind her back and part of her right hand.

Step 5.

Now you draw Cheryl's hand and part of her hairThat her hand is holding onto.

Step 6.

After that you draw the rest of her Braid and the lines that go through it.

Step 7.

Next you draw articles of her clothing.

Step 8.

Now you draw the lines that go through her clothing.

Step 9.

After that you draw the bottom of her dress and the rest of Cheryl's Right arm.

Step 10.

Next you draw her boots,the lines in the boots,and the bottom parts of the soles.

Step 11.

Then you draw her facial features.

Step 12.

Last but,not least you add color and ou have just learned how to draw cheryl from the pokemon Diamond and Pearl series.

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Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: November 26, 2012
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Tags: how to draw pokemon, how to draw pokemon characters
Description: This is how to draw Cheryl from pokemon.As you may,or may not know Cheryl Appears in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series when Ash,Dawn,and Brock are traveling through the Eterna Forest.Cheryl is looking for some Enchanted Honey so she had to evolve a Wormy (Or Burmy) into a Mothim,because Mothim knows where the Enchanted honey will be and where the honey is at. Well I could tell you alot more but I guess you want to get to drawing,so piece out and have a fantastic Drawing day!!!!