How to Draw James, James From Pokemon


Like the other lesson, we will first draw James' profile. Start with the head and face shape like so, then sketch in the facial guides. You will begin drawing the forehead, nose, mouth and chin next followed by the eyes and mouth. When you have finis   


First, draw the head, then sketch out the lining to create the shoulders, arms, and neck.


You will draw the bangs that is in a parted style. The hair should fall close to James' face. Add the small straightened curl, then proceed to step four.


Once again, a Pokemon style eye lesson. Draw the shape of the eye, then draw in the eyeball. Color in the pupil too.


Draw the straight lines shape of James' face like so, then draw in his eyes. Add the nose and mouth as well as the detailing to the underside of his arched bangs.


Draw out the rest of James' hairdo, then draw the shape of his neck as well as his shirt collar. Notice the folds to the collar as well as the crease or wrinkle lines.


Finish drawing James' torso by sketching out the shoulders, arms and upper body. Jessie and James have the same style short which opens up in a V like shape in the center. Add the detailing to the clothes, then move down to the next step.


Draw and color in the R on the front of his shirt, then you're done.


Once you have removed the errors from the drawing you should have a finished piece that looks like the one you see in front of you now. Color in James then add him next to his partner in crime.

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November 28, 2012

Description: Pretty boy James from Team Rocket is one of my favorite characters from Pokemon because he is such a spoiled primadonna. His agent partner is Jessie, and when you first see them together you think they are brother and sister. That was my first impression when I watched the trio trying to steal Ash's Pikachu. They continuously go on these rampages where they will stop at nothing until Pikachu is theirs. They are seemingly joined at the hip as they and their Pokemon Meowth try their hardest to succeed. Drawing James was just as fun to tackle as Jessie was. He is going to be a little bit easier because he has shorter hair and no lips. When you're done with James, you should show folks your accomplishment. I will return with more drawing fun so stay tuned in. Peace out people!

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