How to Draw Jerry For Kids

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Again, we will start with the nose area and cheek bulbs. Draw in the lining that looks like the top of a heart shape, then draw in the cheek bulbs.


You will now draw the rest of the nose or lips, then color in the small nose. Add the whiskers which is two on each side, then proceed to step three.


Now you can sketch out the shape of Jerry's jaw or chin area, then draw the lining for the mouth. Add the tongue shape, then proceed to step four.


Now you can draw the oblong shapes for Jerry's eyes like so, add some lashes (yes Jerry has lashes), then draw the expressive brows.


Finally, draw and color in Jerry's pupils. Now that you are done, you can go through the drawing to make sure there are no mistakes. If there is, simply erase them.


Here is the finished drawing when completed. Now you can grab your brown crayon, or pencil and color in the mouse that rules the house. Great job guys.

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September 29, 2013

Description: So you just witnessed the lesson on drawing Tom for kids, now it's time to learn "how to draw Jerry for kids", step by step. Even though it's hard debating which character from Tom & Jerry you like best, the answer always depends on the episode you remember last. If you feel bad for Tom you will most likely hate Jerry and if you end up feeling bad for Jerry, you will hate Tom. It's a twisted reality but that's how it is. This brown mouse is the smartest mouse I have ever seen. Jerry is spunky, intelligent, and courageous. Even if he knows there is a possibility that Tom will catch him, he will still take the chance. I love Tom and I love Jerry. Drawing Jerry for kids will be fun and exciting so what are you waiting for, get started now.

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