How to Draw Spottedleaf


Make the circle for the head and then draw out the body shape. You will then add the front and back leg guides, as well as the facial guidelines.


Here you will sketch out the shape of Spottedleaf's face structure, then draw in the ears.


Use the facial guidelines to draw the almond shapes eyes, followed by the pupils, nose and mouth. When that is done you can add the detailing inside the ears.


Now that her face and head are complete, you can tackle the task of sketching out the fluffy fur around the neck and on her chest.


Draw the front leg and paw, then sketch in some of the chest and stomach.


Here you will add the three other legs and as you can see they are all plated on the ground. The front and back legs are very clean lined, and the back of the thigh has some fluff. Add the toe lines then move to step seven.


This is your last drawing step. Draw the lining of Spottedleaf's back which is nice and long as well as straight, then draw the long thick tail. Add some detailing to the tail, then erase those mistakes and guides.


Here is the finished line art when you are all done. Now you can color her in using the very shades that she is. Great work guys.

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September 29, 2013

Description: So I haven't done any Warrior Cat characters in such a long time so today I will be filling a request and show you "how to draw Spottedleaf", step by step. This feline is one of the prettier ones I have drawn which means she was very fun to recreate in a tutorial form. Spottedleaf has a slender female look that screams "LADY". I love her coloring and markings and I also love how she has that intense stern stare. Drawing Spottedleaf will be easier than you think so if you are a Warrior Cats fan, you should enjoy this tut on making another Warrior Cat. So go ahead and get busy, and I will be back with more tuts for you to enjoy. Adios mi amigos.

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