How to Draw Barda, Deltora Quest


First, before we begin, start off with basic guidelines to aid you into proportioning certain areas of this character, correctly. Always draw from head to toe. NEVER draw in random spots. Also, try to draw these guides lightly so they're easier to er   


It's time to start the shape of Barda's face. Keep in mind, he has a shapely face that requires a few sharp edges because of his beefy and aged appearance. Start with the top of the head and work your way downwards to the upside down "Y" shape. Take    


Then, work on the facials to get his face shape finally completed. Start with the downward slant of the eyes, and work on the nose. You don't see much shape of the nose because Barda's perspective is being viewed a bit from below. Meaning, the body w   


Next, it's time to draw the hair and beard for Barda. Make sure you begin with the hairline first and work on the long hair afterwards. Finish by drawing the squared shaped beard.


Ok, since we've completed the head, let's work on the shoulders by drawing his large cloak. Take your time with this, and keep in mind the direction of the body. We'll first start with the right flap of the cloak, which covers most of Bard'a shoulder   


Now you will begin the task of tackling the arms and bulky hands. His left hand is in a fist which means simple task to complete. Draw out the right arm but leave it unfinished. End this step by drawing some more of his cape to the left.


Continue to draw out Barda's clothing completely and then draw in the shoulder strap for his sword. Draw in the flap for the bely as well before moving to step eight.


Finish drawing out the belt and then continue this step by drawing the right hand. Add that notch for the butt of the sword and move to step nine.


Draw the sword like so, and then draw the other side of his cape. As you can see the cape is swaying to the right. Finish drawing out the handle of the sword and then move down to step ten.


Draw out his legs like so, and if you notice the legs look like they are wearing a pair of capri.


Sketch out the boots and then draw out the sword sleeve that is peeking from behind. When that's done you can start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here is Brada when you are all done. Now you can color him in and be on your to tackling another tutorial on

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June 6, 2011

Description: If you are familiar with the book or animated series of Deltora Quest, you should know that the main protagonist is called Lief. In the new series that will be airing on Cartoon Network, one of the secondary figures is going to make a lasting impression on the hearts of the new fans that will be attracted to the series. The second lesson of the character from Deltora Quest is going to be "how to draw Barda", step by step. As you can see in the thumbnail he is a very muscular looking individual that goes around saying he is a homeless beggar when the truth is he was once a guard that worked in the palace. Nowadays he is Lief’s protector or bodyguard as we like to call them. Apart from being incredibly big in stature, he is also a very skilled swordsman and a joker as well. Even though he likes the company of his pals, he still thinks that they are a bunch of juveniles that still have a lot to learn. Anyways, Barda might me a bit more complex to draw then Jasmine because of how big he is, and how much detail is needed with his design. I do still think that you will have a blast with learning how to draw Barda because he is such a cool looking character. I shall return so stay tuned in. Adios peeps and enjoy the drawing day!

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