How to Draw Gangster Stewie

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Begin with an egg shape for Stewie's head and then draw an oblong square shape for the body. Next, draw in the guidelines for the face and body.


Here you will start drawing out the actual shape of Stewie's head which should also contain the small bumps for the ears. When that is done begin drawing out the clothes and make sure there is some bumps to convey the loose or baggy look.


Here we go, now it is time to draw out the hat that Stewie is wearing. In this case I decided to draw a ball cap style of hat that covers almost all of his left eye. Once you get the hat drawn in, you can draw the eyeball that is exposed, and then th   


Now draw in the eyelid for the right eye, and then draw what ever is exposed for the left eye as shown to you here. Once that is done draw the cigar in his mouth, as well as his two pieces of baby hair on the sides of his head. You will also need to    


I think it's tome that we finish up here and make Stewie a complete gangster. All you have to do is draw in the gold rings on his fingers, the word Stewie on his shirt, and then draw the split line for the pants and the sneaker detailing too. When th   


Look how hard core Stewie looks as a gangster. Don't you just want to still pick him up and squeeze him? I know I do. Now you can have even more fun as you color him in. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw gangster Stewie, step by step.

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December 30, 2010

Description: I see that you guys loved the gangster SpongeBob I submitted and your feedback on some really good suggestions was greatly appreciated. I definitely liked the idea to do a gangster Sandy Cheeks with a gold tooth, short skirt, and a wild hairdo. Now because SpongeBob was a hit, I thought that making a tutorial on "how to draw gangster Stewie", step by step would be a great idea too. Instead of the typical images you see of Stewie holding a Tommy gun, I thought I would draw him with an oversized tee shirt, baggy sweat pants, sneakers, and a cap with a dollar sign would be cool. As you can see he is also sporting a cigar in his mouth as well as some gold rings and a gold chain. I had fun with this drawing because I played with how I thought Stewie would look as a gangster character. His outfit is epic and maybe next time I will do a different version of Stewie and SpongeBob in the future. For now though, you can have fun teaching yourself "how to draw gangster Stewie" just by following this wicked easy lesson. Remember, you don’t have to make his ghetto outfit exactly the way you see it here. It’s always best to add some tweaks and additions so your Stewie comes out even more cool, and original. Have fun guys and be sure to stick around because there is still more drawing fun. Peace out peeps!

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