How to Draw Irkens

Artist: invaderroc / October 13, 2013

Step 1.

First off before drawing your irken, you need to pick a head shape. There are many different kinds of head shapes for irkens, here are a few examples.

Step 2.

They also have different views, like if you are viewing from the side, the front, or 3/4, so take note of that.

Step 3.

Once you've picked your head shape, it's time for the facial features. When I start drawing I always start with the eyes, and then I draw the head. You can also draw the head and then erase spots for the eyes. However you want to do it is good.

Step 4.

When you make the eyes, don't forget the shines! For the color of eyes you pick, the shines should be a lighter color than the original eye color.

Step 5.

Next comes the mouth. There are many different mouth choices, so pick one that matches the expression of the eyes. Also, eyes have different shapes for angry, sad, and neutral. You can experiment with that later.

Step 6.

Now comes the body. Based on the head shape you chose, the body should match it. If you picked tall, the body should be long and skinny. Short, the body should be small and fat. Medium, the body should be normal size. It also should go with the heigh   

Step 7.

Now here is your complete Irken! Well it's technically Zim...whatever! You can use this help for making OCs and drawing Zim. To make it more personal change the eye color, clothing, or antennae and make it your own! If you have any questions or reque   

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Artist: invaderroc
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Description: This tut is for all of the Invader Zim or Nickelodeon fans! Anyway, first off, Irkens are the alien race that Zim comes from. This tut will show you how to draw your own Irken! You can make OCs or you can learn how to draw Zim. Have fun! ~Roc