How to Draw Deadpool Gir


The easiest way to begin is to make the head guide, then draw in the body shape. Next, sketch in the one facial guideline.


Begin sketching out the shape of Gir's Deadpool head which is slanted back on a straight slope.


The next thing we will do is draw out the large circular eyes. When that is done add the small nose shape and color it in.


Finish drawing the shape for Gir's head and face like so. When that is done you can move along to step five.


Begin working on Deadpool's mask by drawing the outer ring around each eye, and the dotted seam line that flows vertically down the center of Gir's face.


Next, add the collar and add detailing.


You will now draw out Gir's small very simple body. This also includes his stubby legs.


Add the arms with one arm reaching behind his back as if he was grabbing his sword.


Draw the handle for the sword like so. At this point it looks like a long stick.


Finally, sketch in the utility belt, the straps across the chest, the cuffs at the legs, and then the detailing on the sword. Erase whatever mistakes you made.


Here is what your Deadpool Girl looks like when you are finished. Now just color him in to bring the drawing to life.

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February 18, 2014

Description: It's time for another fun lesson that I think will excite not only folks that love Gir, but all of you that love your comic book characters will enjoy drawing Deadpool Gir as well. I actually love the way that this version of Gir came out. He is dressed with the red suit that covers not only his alien body, but also his head and arms. There is also a katana sword strapped to his back, and a utility belt around his waist. If you want to draw Gir as Deadpool you will have fun as you tackle something exciting as this. Go ahead and enjoy and I will be back with more fun and interesting tuts for you all.

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