How to Draw Halloween Gir


Start by drawing the guides for Gir which is a big outlined shape for his head, and the stick figure lining for the body. Add the facial guidelines too.


We will now define Gir's head and face shape like so. Be sure to draw in the large round eyes with one of them popping out of the head. Add the cheek bump and brow line for the left eye.


Finish the face shape by drawing the top portion of the mouth, then draw the rest of the mouth opening followed by the long skinny tongue.


We can now draw the ears, then add the stitching line down the center of the face, draw and color in the small nose, then color in the pupils.


Let's get started with Gir's body. Draw the whole body shape and then draw the arms and top parts of his hands.


Draw in the metal or Adamantium claws like so. Be sure to detail those claws as well.


Draw in Gir's thick zipper track and tab, then add some torn crackling line detailing at the base of the arm where it comes from the torso.


Lastly, draw in his crouched legs and add a tail. You are now done with this lesson and should be erasing your mistakes and guides.


You are all done. Now you can color in Halloween Gir and show off your artwork. Great job folks, you did awesome.

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September 9, 2014

Description: Everyone loves Gir so why not make a lesson on him dressed up as one of his favorite Marvel Comics characters. I chose to go with Wolverine, and I think he makes a great green version of him. Here is "how to draw Halloween Gir", step by step. As you can see he is raging like Wolverine and even has his shiny claws ejected from his hands. I love this tut and drawing concept. I haven't drawn anything related to Invader Zim characters in a while so this was a real treat for me. Halloween is just around the corner so get prepared by drawing Halloween Gir.

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