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How to Draw Hiro From Big Hero 6

Artist: Dawn / May 27, 2014
How to Draw Hiro From Big Hero 6

Step 1.

Just make an almond shape for the face guide then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Define Hiro's face shape like so, then draw in the hairline followed by a bang.

Step 3.

Use the facial guidelines to draw in the nose and the long smile.

Step 4.

Continue to work on the smile by drawing the bottom lip and the two big front teeth. Add a chin dimple too.

Step 5.

Now you can draw in and color the eyebrows. They should be thick and boxy.

Step 6.

You will still be using the facial guidelines to draw in the big round eyes. Color in the pupils and add an eyelid.

Step 7.

Finish drawing Hiro's hairstyle which is kind of long and sort of messy.

Step 8.

Here we will work on the body by drawing the collar, shoulder, sleeve and jacket shape.

Step 9.

Draw in the other arm and flared out sleeve cuff like so. As you can see you will have to draw the arms folded over and when you do this you will also be forming the torso shape.

Step 10.

Add some detailing to the shirt and then draw a collar ring. Erase your mistakes and guides before calling this lesson finished.

Step 11.

That's it you are all done. Now you can have a blast coloring in Hiro Hamada.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 27, 2014
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Tags: how to draw big hero 6, how to draw big hero 6 characters
Description: You just received the lesson on Baymax the superhero from the upcoming Disney film 'Big Hero 6'. I now have for you a tutorial on "how to draw Hiro from Big Hero 6", step by step. Hiro is the actual creator of Baymax's hero suit. He is a boy genius who is fourteen years old and who is also responsible for the formation and creation of Big Hero 6. It's a team of nerds that knew Hiro's brother before he was murdered. This lesson is going to be super simple so lee me zip it so you can have some fun. Drawing Hiro Hamada will put a smile on your face. Don't forget to look for Big Hero 6 come November of this year 2014.