How to Draw Happy Bunny

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Okay this is going to be an extremely easy lesson to follow. In this first step you will draw out two different sized circles. Start with the one for Happy Bunny's head which looks like a fat egg. Add the facial guidelines and then draw out the secon   


Now in this next step you will draw two beady looking eyes which are in the form of bold dots, and then draw a small circle shape for his nose. You will then add a smile line and then draw out his arms and bunny feet along with his toes.


Well this is your last drawing step and as you can tell you have done great. All you have to do is draw out his ears which look like carrots. Add some whisker lines and then finish off his smile. Draw out his marking line on his belly and then start    


This is what your character should look like when you are done. All you have to do now is color him in and you are done. You have just learned how to draw Happy Bunny step by step. I will see you another time.

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February 14, 2009

Description: Okay, so far today I have submitted two lessons on two very exciting characters. It is time to do a tutorial on a cartoony looking character from pop culture and is often seen on birthday cards, notebooks, clothes and other fun things like purses, wallets, and even sheets and blankets. The Happy Bunny character was created by a fellow named Jim Benton and I think he did an awesome job. Happy Bunny is cute, funny and what else? Happy! He is a regular looking bunny with a thick border running around his body followed by different quotes. I had a lot of fun drawing out this character and I know that you will too. Learning how to draw Happy Bunny step by step is a real simple thing to do. You can be a novice artist or an advanced artist when tackling a lesson as easy as this one. I will be back in a while with some more drawing fun so stay tuned my fellow artists there is more on the way!

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