How to Draw Mega Man Zero

Artist: Dawn / February 14, 2009
How to Draw Mega Man Zero

Step 1.

Okay this is going to be a long and painful lesson but it will be easy to do if you take your time. Start out by drawing the circle shape for Mega Man Zero's head and then add the facial guidelines. Next add the smaller circle for his shoulder and th   

Step 2.

Start this second step by drawing out the detailing shapes on his head which will later be his helmet. Once that is done draw out the shape of his body starting with his swinging arm and then his torso, and thighs. You will then add some finger lines   

Step 3.

Finish the detailing shapes on his face and then continue to draw out the shape and make up of his armored arm. Draw out the hand and fingers and then sketch out the shape of his back, waist and legs. You will end this step by drawing out the shape o   

Step 4.

Now that you have pasted the third step you are almost done with this gaming character. What you will tackle first in this step is the lining of Mega Man Zero's face and hand that is on his extended arm. You will then draw the shape and style of his    

Step 5.

Well gang this is your last drawing step and all you have to do here is sketch out the rest of Mega Man Zero's hair style and then define it by adding the hair strand lines. Once you do that finish off his body by adding the last minute details on hi   

Step 6.

Well here you have it folks your finished drawing of Mega Man Zero all cleaned up and ready to color. To finish off your sketch just give him some color. You have just learned how to draw Mega Man Zero step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 14, 2009
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Description: Hello DragoArt fans and welcome back to another drawing lesson that is sure to knock the pencil from your hand. Yesterday was a great day and I hope you all liked the tutorials that I submitted. Today I thought I would start off the day with a lesson on an awesome character from the Mega Man series. So, I will be filling another request and you will now learn how to draw Mega Man Zero step by step. Now I am not gonna sit here and tell you that I have played this game before because I haven’t. What I can tell you though is that all the characters from the Mega Man gaming series are wicked cool and very well designed. Mega Man Zero is a character that was first introduced during the release of Mega Man X. But back then he was less detailed which means his look was very plain. As time went on and more parts of the series were released, Mega Man Zero began to take a much more detailed appearance. There is a total of nine Mega Man X series with the first being the best. When Mega Man Zero first came out it got rave reviews which lead to the creation of Mega Man Zero two, three, and four. The character took me a total of six hours to draw from sketch to finished line art, and to the coloring process. Even though Mega Man took so long to draw, I still had a fun time drawing him out because it made me better at what I love to do. And that is a big help since I haven’t been drawing lately due to changes going on with the site and other stuff in my life. Don’t worry all the changes have been and still are good. So enough about me, and let’s get started with this lesson on how to draw Mega Man Zero step by step. All the steps are drawn so that it will be easy for you to follow and understand. I hope you like this lesson; I will be back in a while with more drawing fun so stay tuned. Peace out!