How to Draw Happy Bunny

Artist: animorpher / November 5, 2008

Step 1.

First, make two curved lines that sorta look like parenthesis. ***don't forget to draw it lightly so it'll be easier to erase!****

Step 2.

now make two thin ovals and connect them.

Step 3.

then just a couple more curves to make the feet and the head.

Step 4.

add the mouth and the top of the head. make sure you leave spaces for the ears!

Step 5.

add the eyes and the nose.

Step 6.

add the whiskers by just drawing lines. then draw the ears.

Step 7.

add that mean bunny's arms and the shape for his/her tummy.

Step 8.

Your finished drawing should look like this. If you want, you can darken it, outline it with a sharpie, or color. Do the whatever the heck you want, it's your drawing. Well, I hope you had fun drawing happy bunny. I'll draw Bobby Jack soon for you Bo   

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Artist: animorpher
Date Added: November 5, 2008
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Tags: how to draw characters from happy tree friends, how to draw happy tree friends characters
Description: Hey people, it's me, animorpher. I honestly love happy bunny. I hope you do too. Because I'm gonna teach you to draw happy bunny. Happy bunny is a mean little bunny. He (or she. I don't know which) says very mean comments, such as 'hating you makes me all warm inside', 'you suck and that's sad', 'I'll be nicer when your smarter', and 'boys are stupid. throw rocks at them'. Get the point? So that little bunny has a very nasty mouth. So I hope you enjoy drawing that mean little bunny. See ya!