How to Draw a Kaiju


Start with the wavy or crooked lining for the upper lip lid of the mouth.


Here you will draw in the simple lined bottom lip for the mouth. It looks like crevasse at this point.


Fill the mouth with small pointed teeth that are tightly fitted next to one another. Once that is done draw in the tongue and add detailing inside the mouth.


Now you will draw in the very angled and chiseled structure for the bottom portion of this Kaiju's face. Add the definition within the face structure or lower jaw and chin shape.


Draw in the shape of the head which is frilled into five sections. A wide top head shape and two notched sections on each side of the head.


Here you will sketch in the brows which are sunken into the face leaving the face intense in expression. When that is done you can add the small beady shapes of the eyes then draw out the lump for the snout.


Add the detailing to the sections of the head which are small, thin swirl lines.


Lastly, draw in the small tentacle like shapes from the top of the head. These also look like skinny fingers. Erase your mistakes then you are done.


Here is what a Kaiju looks like when you are done drawing one. Color in your sketch and I hope you had fun.

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June 2, 2014

Description: All of you Pacific Rim fans should recognize the face you see here because it is of an alien creature that was engineered by Precursors. These aliens who made the monster you see before you now are from a planet called Anteverse. Here is "how to draw a Kaiju easy" and hopefully this step by step lesson will show you how to draw these rare aliens easy enough to make a few. I like their faces as well as their design. For some reason it looks like one of the demon monsters that Hell Boy fights in the beginning of the movie. You know, that demon from the museum. So yeah, have fun and if you see a resemblance to the demon that Hell Boy fought let me know. Adios people!

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