How to Draw Glaceon

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The beginning of this lessons steps will look a lot like a cat sitting in a side pose. What you will have to do first is draw a head shape, and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw out the shape of the chest, back, and rump. Add the tai   


Begin drawing out the shape of the head and face, and then draw out the arrow tipped ears like so. Next, draw the hair slab on the top of Glaceon's head like so and then move to step three.


Draw in the eyes, and color them as well, and then draw out the long frills that hang down the sides of it's head. You will then draw a beginning line for Glaceon's chest.


Draw the full shape of the rump, and the hind legs. Next, draw the front paws, and then add the marking lines on the legs, and frills.


The last thing you will do is draw the diamond shapes inside of the ears, add a detailing line on the head, and then draw in the nose and mouth to finish the face. Next and lastly, draw the hard looking tail, back paw, and add the marking lines like    


Now look at this piece of work when you're done. Cool huh? Anyway, all you have to do now is color in your new drawing on Pokemon character Glaceon. Great work by the way!

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June 3, 2010

Description: I know I said I was going to chill on drawing and uploading Pokemon characters, but I just had to draw and submit this one you see before you now. This lesson is going to show you “how to draw Glaceon”, step by step. This species evolves from Eevee, when leveled up on Route 217. This is a fox like Pokemon that looks very feminine. Even though this is a very girly looking creature, the ratio of getting a female Glaceon is about thirteen percent, because nearly eighty eight percent of Glaceon's are male. The bodies of this creature is covered in medium to light blue colored fur. The unique thing about this ice type Pokemon is the fact that it's coat is frozen. This means the soft looking texture is actually hard and sharp. Because this is an evolution of Eevee, Glaceon can perform any attack that Eevee can. Now, because Glaceon is an ice type Pokemon, it has additional abilities that it's original form does not. For example, abilities like, hyper beam, and giga impact are just some of the few that your creature can learn. Did you know that an Eevee living in snowy conditions can actually evolve into a Glaceon? It's true, since an Eevee can live anywhere it wants, it will usually evolve into a species to suit it's surroundings. Cool huh? Anyway, I think you guys will enjoy learning "how to draw Glaceon", step by step because I had fun drawing it out myself. I still have more fun coming up so stay tuned in all you avid artists out there! Peace peeps.

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