How to Draw Gir Easy

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Here you will be drawing the box shape of Gir. You will probably have an easier time with drawing Gir if you used a ruler. Make two shapes for his eyes, then move forward.


Draw in the stitch lines down the middle of the forehead down through the face. Draw and color in a nose, and then draw the tongue.


Finish drawing the back of Gir's head as well as the rest of his body. You will draw in the ears, and then draw the zipper tongue followed by the zipper zigzag. Erase your mistakes and you're ready to move on.


Here is the cleaned up line work, and as you can see everything is cleaned up. You can start adding some shading around the eyes, and the tongue. Add some shading to the zipper too.


Next, add the base shading for Gir and then you are done here.


Darken or color in the ears, and then darken the nose. Clean up the lesson a bit and add some texture detailing.


Here is how the sketch of Gir should come out looking like when you are all done.

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May 2, 2012

Description: There was no way that I was going to make a new tutorial on Zim without making a new lesson on Gir too. Here is "how to draw Gir easy", step by step. I would have to agree with kit_katt1273, I like Gir, but Zim is way more funnier and I think that has a lot to do with him being able to talk in a proper manner. Gir talks, but he stupid talks if you know what I mean. Gir as you know loves his pig and I was going to upload a tutorial on his favorite toy, but I decided not to. There is nothing really more for me to say since I already have more than one lesson on Dragoart for Gir. For now have fun drawing Gir easy and I will prepare my next tutorial.

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