How to Draw Minimoose, Invader Zim

Artist: Dawn / May 18, 2011

Step 1.

Draw the shape of a bean, and then draw in one guideline in the middle like so.

Step 2.

Minimoose has the body shape of a piggy bank. So what you will do here is draw out a real stubby body, and then some extremley short legs.

Step 3.

Draw the big bulging eyes like so, and then color in a dot in each eye for the pupils. Notice how the pupils are looking in a different direction from each other. Lastly, draw a dash for the mouth and then one tooth.

Step 4.

For the last step all you have to do is draw out the antlers like so, and then move to step five.

Step 5.

Once you cleaned up the lines and shapes you can begin coloring in your drawing. Now you have an awesome drawing of Minimoose from Invader Zim.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 18, 2011
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Description: Okay guys, it's time to tackle a lesson on another character from Invader Zim and like with all the other figures from the animated series, it too will be a blast to tackle. After thinking about who or what else I could draw that would make artists on the site stop and try another cool lesson, I looked in my request mail a few times to see if there was a particular character that was repeatedly getting requested. I found that a good amount of folks wanted me to make a tutorial on "how to draw Minimoose", step by step. Zim wanted to make a new tool that was going to be used for destruction, but it turns out that what Zim ended up with is a floating stuffed animal. Despite the feminine name, Minimoose happens to be a boy, not a girl. Initially he was supposed to be one of the main characters of the series, but because Invader Zim was canceled, he never got the chance to show fans just how awesome he could be. Minimoose is a purple colored moose with big round dumb looking eyes. He also has one tooth that hangs over the bottom lip, and set of antlers. Like most toys, Minimoose's language consisted of a series of various squeaks. Anyways, this should be a fun lesson to tackle because learning how to draw Minimoose is such an easy figure to replicate. I still have more drawing fun on the way, so stay tuned in folks, adios mi amigos!