How to Draw Chibi Zim


The first thing you want to do is draw out the shapes and guidelines which will form a workable frame for your chibi character. Start with the box like shape of Zim's head like you see here, and then draw an attached body to it. Next, add in the guid   


All you need to do here is thicken the shape of the head just by coping over the shape you drew in step one. Be sure to include a small cliff which is going to be his mouth.


Now there is only two things you need to do and complete here in step three. The first thing you have to do is draw out the shapes of chibi Zim's big round eyes. Once that is done you have to color them in solid leaving behind a few glare shapes for    


Now you have to draw out his Elvis like hairstyle and then color it in too. This is another thing that gives Zim his character or personality unique.


You will now start drawing out the body starting with the collar of his clothes, and then the small diamond shape on the chest like you see here.


Now you can draw out his small chibi style arms and hands like so, and then draw more of his body out. When that is done you have to add some lining details too.


Almost done guys! Here all you need to do is draw in the stripes to his shirt, and then add some last minute detailing as well. Lastly draw the hump on his back and add the detailing lines.


Now you will finish drawing chibi Zim and to do this just draw out the small legs, and then erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


Isn't he just adorable! Color chibi ZIm in to give him a really cool look than he has now!

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February 11, 2011

Description: I know you must have seen the video lesson I submitted on chibi Gir right? Well, before I go ahead and upload the step by step tutorial on chibi Gir, I thought I would first show you guys "how to draw chibi Zim", step by step. Zim is by far one of my favorite characters from the Invader Zim series. Not only is he freakishly adorable, he also has one of the best personalities for an animated character in a cartoon series. I had so much fun drawing, and making this lesson on chibi Zim. So much so I wanted to say thank you to all the members that requested I do a tutorial on what we know as a version of Zim that we have never seen before, just imagined. He came out super cute, and he still managed to keep his original form and character characteristics. His green colored skin, black slick hairstyle, and his big pinkish colored bug eyes all remain the same even though you will draw Zim in a chibi state. I guess he looks so awesome because his character is already created to be a small figure. I think you will enjoy learning "how to draw chibi Zim" because I know I did tremendously. Keep a look out for the video lesson coming your way either today or sometime tomorrow. Have fun guys, and remember to keep practicing because as you know “practice makes perect”.

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