How to Draw Gears of War Skull Logo

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Ok now this is the part where we will make the very basics of the gear. Start with two large circles in the middle of your paper. Then, make half an oval head with guidelines below that oval. There's nothing much to say in the rest of this step, so l   


Now in this easy step, we are going to make the outer part of the gear. This is the part I was stuck on when I was drawing it myself. Draw the individual gear bumps along the circle guidelines. If you completed that, draw another circle for the middl   


Ok now this is the part where we start to draw the skull in the middle of the gear. This part can be easy or hard. Remember how we drew those gear bumps? In this step we are going to redraw gear bumps an inch higher of the others. When you draw the s   


This is pretty much the last step of our tutorial! This is when we will finish off by drawing the rest of the details to the skull's face. The teeth are like sharpened spikes, so drawing that should be easy. When you draw normal skull teeth, its pret   


Ok now this is the lineart you should end up with after you completed the steps above! Please let me know if this tutorial was a success! I tried to make it as easy as possible so that you can do it too! Erase your guidelines that you made in steps t   

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January 31, 2009

Description: Hello my visitors and members! I shall tell you all a tale on what we will be learning to draw today. This particular logo is from a popular game that most people play these days! We are going to learn how to draw the Gears of War Logo step by step! I know the logo for gears of war looks really appealing and cool. I had fun designing the skull (since I love drawing skulls) the gear itself was a challenge though. I had some difficulties drawing perfect lines for the gear. I tried my best to get the angles of each side of the gear right. I hope you will like this tutorial and that It teaches you something! A few members requested this tutorial way back and I never gave it to them. I was going to make a tutorial on how to draw Marcus Fenix from Gears of War but I decided to do the logo instead. Later on I will do a tutorial on how to draw that popular gear of war character. For this tutorial you will need a ruler, eraser, pencil, and some paper. The reason why you need a ruler is because of the straight lines. I know it’s pretty impossible to make straight lines freehandedly. I myself can’t even do that on regular paper. On the tablet it is way harder then paper. Overtime you will get used to the tablet though. I never really played the gears of war game, since I don’t have an X-Box360. I hear that the game system is really cool. I bought the 360 system before but it never worked for me. I had to take it back to fix it but they couldn’t. So basically I’ve never tried the X-Box 360. So anyways, this tutorial will give you easy step by step instructions on how to draw the gears of war skull and gear logo. I hope this tutorial will aid your drawing outcome! Remember have fun and never give up!!!

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