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How to Draw Fanpop Logo and Letters

Artist: richie16 / January 26, 2009
How to Draw Fanpop Logo and Letters

Step 1.

Draw a big circle.

Step 2.

Draw a star inside a big circle.

Step 3.

Then make a sketch of a star that looks fatter than then the star you made.

Step 4.

Your fanpop logo is done, now it's time for fanpop letters. Write a "fanpop!" below (make it o bigger than letter o).

Step 5.

After that, draw a balloon for line in letters each, example letter "f" that's make 2 balloons. An exclamation point, draw it like a baseball bat, and finally, draw a star in the middle of letter o. Now erase some of the unwanted lines.

Step 6.

That's it! You're Fanpop logo and letters are done. Now you can color your Fanpop logo. See ya next time!

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Artist: richie16
Date Added: January 26, 2009
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Tags: how to draw logos, how to draw a logo, draw logos
Description: HELLO THERE FANPOP USERs, thank you very much for coming and welcome to DragoArt.com, I'm richie16, this is my first tutorial of how to draw a Fanpop logo and Fanpop letters, this is very easy. Sorry that I made it in Illustrator (I'll draw in paper next time)