How to Draw Franklin from GTA 5, Franklin Clinton

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Make the shape of Franklin's head like so, then draw out the shape of his neck and the outline for the torso of his body. Sketch in the facial guidelines, then proceed to step two.


Here you will sketch out the actual shape of his face structure like so, then incorporate the ear shape.


Next sketch out the eyebrows and color them in, then draw the lining for the mouth.


It is now time to draw in Franklin's hairline, then sketch out the wide shape of the nose. You will also draw the top and bottom lip to complete the mouth, then add detailing inside the ears. For the last step all you have to do is draw in the eyes,    


For the last step all that needs to be done is the task of drawing the neck, then sketch out the shoulders, back, arms, and all of the detailing to add that texture to the shirt. Erase mistakes and guides then you are done here.


Here is the line art when you are done. Color in the drawing for Franklin Clinton. Now you have all three characters from the new GTA V video game series.

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September 21, 2013

Description: The last main GTA V character that I will submit is this one on "how to draw Franklin Clinton", step by step. Now you may think that all three characters; Trevor, Michael and Franklin all don't know each other, but I like I mentioned in the previous lesson on Michael, Trevor and Michael are best friends who eventually meet up and work with Franklin at some point in the game. I really don't like to say too much because then I would be giving away the whole story line and that ain't cool. Instead I will hush up, and show you that drawing Franklin Lincoln isn't that hard. Hopefully this lesson will be fun as well as a learning experience.

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