How to Draw a Witch For Kids

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Again, start off with some straight, low resting brow lines to make that nasty expression on the witch's face. next, draw the point of the nose which is an oblong cone shape.


Here you will draw in the shapes of the eyes, then draw in the flared nostrils followed by the cheek indents to make that sunken in look.


Draw an upside down smile until you get a frown for the mouth, then draw in the disgusting teeth.


Lastly, make the witch hat lid line, then draw some strangely pieces of hair that fall on her forehead. If you made some mistakes, that's okay, you can begin erasing them now.


In the end your witch drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. Color it in, be creative when you do so, then show people how you like to draw witches.

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September 23, 2013

Description: YUK! The nasty face you see before you now is exactly what I picture a witch to look like. This lesson will help all you novice artists out there "how to draw a witch" in a for kids style. This is also a great tutorial for other artists to tackle and have fun with as it is a simple drawing that can be replicated by everybody. Since there is no face shape all you will be doing is drawing the eyes, nose and mouth of a witch on a piece of paper. You can tweak the concept of the witch's face if you like, but if you choose to do so, try and keep it ugly because as you know witches are supposed to look grotesque. This will also make a great stencil for a pumpkin as well, so hopefully some of you try that idea out and post pics of how it came out. Have fun drawing a witch for kids folks and look for some more drawing fun later in the day.

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