How to Draw Shellsea

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Let's start drawing this fashion diva shall we? Start by making a bullet shape like you see here, and then add some guidelines in the middle.


You will then draw out the crazy hairstyle you see here, and if you look real good, it sort of looks like a roosters red hat. Sketch out the actual shape of her body, and be sure to draw the four bumps on the bottom of her body or dress.


Now you can draw out her eyes, mouth, and then the design on her dress like so. Draw in what you call the eyelid lines on each eyeball.


Now you can add her eyebrows which are positioned in different spots, and then color in some pupils like so. Add some lashes, a line to define her mouth, her headband line, and then draw in her shell buckle on the belt, and her fin like arms.


For your last drawing step, all you need to do is make the stripes on her dress, add some lining detailing to her arms, and draw out the purse she is holding. Erase all the unwanted lines and shapes you drew in step one to clean up her act.


Now look how pretty she looks after she is all drawn out. Did you have fun drawing Shellsea or what? Color her in to give her that fabulous fashion sense.

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October 22, 2010

Description: Since Bea from Fish Hooks is one of the three main characters, I thought it would only be right to submit a lesson on her best friend. Everyone has a best friend but sometimes you don’t want other people to know who that friend may be. That’s not the case for Bea and her BFF. I’m going to show you guys "how to draw Shellsea", step by step. Disney is pretty uniform when it comes to character personality creation. They often have figures created that are usually opposite from each other. Just think back on some of the Disney based cartoon, and character series like Phineas and Ferb, Suite Life, and even High School Musical which is actually a movie, not a series. Now think on how they always have a figure that is into fashion, pink things, or just plain old prissy or girly. That’s how I can describe Shellsea. She is what you call a fashion nut that is one hundred percent girl through and through. I guess all jewelfish are this way, or at least the females. Being Bea’s best friend is like a full time job to Shellsea. I think this is because Shellsea has to constantly wake or slap Bea back into reality once in a while. Whenever Bea starts to go over the top, her BFF is there to bring her back to where life is happening. But on occasion Shellsea also agrees with Bea’s troubles. You should have an awesome time learning "how to draw Shellsea". Like their other friend Clamantha, she is also going to be easy to draw. Now it’s time to brainstorm on a title for the lesson I have been dying to upload. Hopefully whatever I come up with will suffice. Peace people!

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