how to draw fire nation chibi Toph

Artist: zonic77team / August 31, 2012

Step 1.

first we draw the form of toph

Step 2.

then draw the half from the an fat half moon

Step 3.

then we draw the eyes and the mouth

Step 4.

draw the half from Toph's Hair

Step 5.

then u draw her hairband

Step 6.

and then u draw an half circle

Step 7.

then u draw the jacket it looks like an T-shirt i know.

Step 8.

Draw now The T-shirt

Step 9.

and then u draw her hands

Step 10.

and then u draw the rest of the jacket

Step 11.

Then u draw her Legs and her foots

Step 12.

And then lineart at the good End

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Artist: zonic77team
Date Added: August 31, 2012
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Description: well i had problems with drawing the hair but the rest should be easy :3