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how to draw Shadow the Hedgehog

Artist: zonic77team / September 16, 2012
how to draw Shadow the Hedgehog

Step 1.

draw an circle

Step 2.

draw the body circle

Step 3.

draw the arms and the legs

Step 4.

start with the furr

Step 5.

then draw the mouth

Step 6.

the nose

Step 7.

then start with the eye

Step 8.

now draw the left eye done

Step 9.

the pupil

Step 10.

the puil and the marks

Step 11.


Step 12.

then we start with the spikes

Step 13.

other spike

Step 14.


Step 15.

last spike

Step 16.

the ears

Step 17.

the body and the leg

Step 18.

other leg

Step 19.


Step 20.

spikes and other arm

Step 21.


Step 22.


Step 23.

shoes again

Step 24.

and the lineart at last

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Artist: zonic77team
Date Added: September 16, 2012
Steps: 24
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Description: i was bored so i made this tutorial