How to Draw Fairy Penny From Amazing World of Gumball

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Start off by drawing Penny's acorn shaped head, then sketch in the facial guidelines. Draw a small body shape, then proceed to step two.


Next, begin drawing definition to the body by adding shape and refined lining. Even though her look changes, she sometimes is still shaped like a peanut.


Finish the head shape, then draw in Penny's antlers. They are bulbous at the ends which is also more defined and refined.


Use the facial guidelines to draw out the eyes, then add her lashes. For Penny's mouth just draw a single smile line.


We will now draw in Penny's hand shaped wings, then draw out her nub style arms and hands.


Finish Fairy Penny off by drawing her butt and legs. Erase those guidelines and shapes that you made in step one.


Here is your line art. Now you can color her in to add some vibrant life to your work.

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February 7, 2015

Description: I know I already have a lesson on Penny from Amazing World of Gumball, but what I don't have is a tut on how to draw Penny in her fairy creature form. Ever since the beginning of Gumball everyone thought that Penny was a peanut that had a set of antlers. It wasn't until episode three that it was revealed what was underneath that hard shell of hers. Once Penny came clean, everyone seen Penny in one of her creature forms. This is her normal fairy form. She is a two toned shade of yellow with a pair of wings and a brighter, more defined face. I like Penny from Gumball, and it was fun making this drawing and turning it into a tut. I want to say "thank you" to my eleven year old sister who inspired me to make this tut. She drew one that looked exactly like the one you see here, no different. She is truly a gifted artist because she can almost draw as good as me. Have fun people, peace out.

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