How to Draw Masami, Masami, Amazing World of Gumball

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Draw a circle for the entire form of Masami, and then draw in the face guides.


Using the ball shape as you r guide, begin drawing out the wiggly cloudy shape of Masami's head, body, everything.


Draw the two eyes and mouth, and then draw in some lashes.


Draw in the last of the lining which is for the depth effect for the eyes and mouth. These lines add dimension which gives them the look of being cut out or hollow holes.


Here is the line art when you are all done. As you can see, you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to draw Masami. Now color her in or better yet, leave her the way she is.

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October 17, 2011

Description: Not all the characters from Amazing World of Gumball have a lot to say about themselves. That is the case with this next character that I am going to teach you the drawing ropes on. You will be learning "how to draw Masami", step by step. She is a white cloud like figure that floats. She has hollowed out eyes and mouth and she is considered to be a wealthy daughter to the Rainbow Factory owner. Many of her friends and associates that know her would say she is a bit spoiled and stubborn. Other than that, she’s pretty cool as a character. This lesson is going to be incredibly simple, which means you should be able to finish it in like five minutes or even less. So go have fun with drawing Masami, and I will come back with one more tut for you drawing freaks to enjoy!

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