How to Draw Zombie Gumball


Make three shapes, one for the head another for the body and a smaller for the lower half of the body.


For the second step you will sketch out the shape for Gumball's head and be sure to include the ears. The face structure doesn't change much in zombie form, its the texture of the skin that changes.


Using the facial guidelines begin to draw the large shaped eyes, then draw the nose and mouth. You will have to fill in the mouth with long sharp teeth. Add the whiskers, then draw in the bags and skin flaws on the top part of his head.


Here you will begin drawing the body starting with the stomach. Draw the torn material for his clothing, then move to step five.


Here you will complete the upper body by drawing the arms, hands and back. Add more rips and you are done.


Now that the arms and some of Gumball's legs are drawn in you can add his tail and more of the clothing detail. Don't forget to add those holes and other torn areas.


Finish drawing Zombie Gumball by drawing out the rest of the lower part of his body, then add the legs, feet and all the rips on his clothes. When you are done you can erase your mistakes.


Once you are all done you can color in your zombie Gumball.

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August 18, 2013

Description: There is only two months left before one of my favorite television series starts another season. In celebration of The Walking Dead coming back to T.V., here is my take on "how to draw Zombie Gumball", step by step. You guys know I have a collection of zombified characters from pop culture that can all be found in the zombie section of the Monsters category. Gumball looks absolutely fowl but he still manages to stay adorable even in this dead, monstrous form. I had a lot of fun with creating a lesson on drawing Zombie Gumball. Thanks a lot folks and be sure to stick around because there is more submissions coming your way.

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