How to Draw Kirobo, Kirobo Robot

Artist: Dawn / August 9, 2013

Step 1.

Here you will first draw the shapes for the robot which includes the head, torso, arms and legs. Add the facial guidelines and then you can move to step two.

Step 2.

Using the guide you just made, draw and define the shape of Kirobo's head and face.

Step 3.

Using the facial guidelines, draw out the shapes of the eyes, then draw the mouth. I made Kirobo's mouth a bit different, but you can make the original mouth if you like. Add the marking lines around the eyes as well as the seam line marks.

Step 4.

Next, define the shape of the torso, then draw in the neck.

Step 5.

Simply draw out the design for Kirobo's shoulders, then proceed to step six.

Step 6.

Here you will draw out Kirobo's arms and mitten shaped hands. Add the layers of detailing to the arms like so near the elbows.

Step 7.

All you have to do here is draw in the markings on the chest as well as add the detailing to the arms.

Step 8.

We will start the process of drawing Kirobo's legs. Start with the thighs then add the detailing to the legs as well.

Step 9.

Finally finish off the legs, then draw in the feet. Once the limbs are added you will need to sketch in some finishing touches like color and so forth. Erase your mistakes if there is any.

Step 10.

That's it, you are all done. Now you can color in this handsome fellow, then show off your skills.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 9, 2013
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Description: Okay folks, for my first new lesson of the day I will be doing a figure that has made headlines in the last few days and weeks. Today I will be showing you "how to draw Kirobo", step by step. If you're wondering where have you seen this boy looking robot before you might be getting him confused with Astro Boy. I'm sure the developers of Kirobo mixed in the coloring scheme because with Astro Boy, he too wears black pants/shorts and red boots. Anyways, Kirobo is mainly designed and developed because he is the first "robot astronaut" that was sent into space just a few days ago. He is a Japanese creation, and I must say, you have to watch the preview of this amazing robot in action. Follow the link to see more on Kirobo, not only is the video entertaining, it's also amazing.