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How To Draw Darth Vader

Artist: Dawn / May 27, 2008
How To Draw Darth Vader

Step 1.

In this first step what you will be doing is drawing out the guidelines and shapes to form a good solid frame for Darth Vader. Start by drawing the shape of his head followed by the facial guidelines. Next draw out the rounded square shape of his tor   

Step 2.

Now here in step 2, you will be starting to sketch out Darth Vader's helmet the way you see it here. The best way to follow this step is to enlarge the image to see all the details that need to be drawn out. His helmet looks like a German helmet with   

Step 3.

Now that his body seems like it is almost drawn in you can start to sketch in more of the detailed definition to his suit. Specifically his arms, belt, draw in the lightsaber, and detail his long black cape as well. Move back up to the face and draw    

Step 4.

Just sketch in some more detailed definition here in step 4. These sketching details enable your Darth Vader to look more genuinely realistic instead of a comic book hero cartoon quality. Take your time with this whole sketch of your start wars chara   

Step 5.

This is the step where you will draw out all his buttons on the front chest part of his dark evil looking suit. After that you can go ahead and erase all those ugly guidelines that you drew previously in step 1 which aided you to draw this piece of w   

Step 6.

This is what you should end up with when you are totally done with your sketch. See how easy it was. Now you are ready to color or shade him in black which ever you prefer. That will do it for this tutorial on 'how to draw Darth Vader step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 27, 2008
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Description: Hello and welcome to DragoArt.Com. Today’s extraordinary drawing lesson will be on the legendary sci-fi character "Darth Vader". Everyone has heard of the Star Wars Trilogy right? The ones that were made back then in the 70s? I enjoy those movies they give me an action packed warm feeling inside. Well anyway, Darth Vader is the primary evil character in the Star Wars movies. His real name is Anakin Skywalker. He has a son and daughter that are considered rebels named Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Skywalker. The story takes place in space where Princess Leia is being held captive because she is a part of the rebel alliance. Darth Vader wasn't always the mean one though. In fact he started off as a sweet kid that was brought up by his mother who loved him very much. It wasn't until the council started to seek out young Anakin Skywalker because as the prophecy went, a boy will be born with out being created by a male counter part. That was exactly what they found as slaves in the service of Watto a junk dealer. As a young boy, he was an engineering prodigy that built his first protocol droid called C3PO. As he got older he was taught the way of the force and became a very powerful Jedi. He fell in love with the young and beautiful Queen Amidala. It wasn't until he was lied to that the Queen was killed which enraged the young Jedi and pushed him to the Darkside. After being sucked in to the evil force he was then known to be Darth Vader one of Americas infamous villains of all time. This awesome tutorial will show you "how to draw Darth Vader step by step" with easy to read instructions. The simple steps will show you in detail how to draw this famous Star Wars character of all time. I hope you have fun and remember, may the force be with you.