How to Draw Dark Vegeta


First start by drawing the guidelines which will help you proportion the facial features of Vegeta's face.


Then, begin by drawing Vegeta's face shape which is a bit complex. Start with the curved 'M' shape for his forehead and then taper those lines downward to complete the cheekbone and chin.


Next, draw the ears, which should be a decent size in comparison with the head.


Let's start drawing Vegeta's hair, making sure that the sides of his hair start off small and build up into larger pieces until it eventually forms the largest part of his hair, which is the middle. Think of it like a crown.


Now, time to draw Vegeta's facials. I always start with the eyebrows first before I shape any of the actual pupils and lower lids. Make sure you draw his brows nice and thick. Starting off small at the middle where the brows meet the nose bridge, and   


Then, we can start drawing his pupils and lower lids.


Next, draw the nose and the mouth!


Then, detail up the ears.


Lastly, draw the shoulders and the collar.


Once you're done with that, revise your drawing and then once you're satisfied with what you've drawn, go ahead and ink it either digitally or traditionally with copic markers or black ballpoint pens. I hope you enjoyed!

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September 28, 2014

Description: Hey guys, and good morning. Today I will be showing you how to draw the infamous Vegeta in a gothic/dark style!

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