How to Draw Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom

How to Draw Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom
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Start with a basic outline. I'm too lazy to describe how. Sorry :P


Draw his eyes, his cheeks, his ear, and his shoulders.


Draw his poofy hair XD, the sleeves to his shirt, and draw the collar of his shirt.


draw his eyebrows, his nose, his arms and hand, and finishe his shirt.


Begin drawing his pants, his pupils, the squiggle for his ear and his knuckle. Draw his mouth.


This is the last step. Finish his legs and pants and draw his shoes.


And after you erase and stuff, this is what it shoud look like. I hope you had fun drawing Danny Fenton.

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August 24, 2009

Yo wuz up peeps? Well, I have very exciting news. I GOTS A TABLET NOW!!!! WOOT!! XD It is a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. So I was doodling and it turned out to be Danny. I have a long story to why I love Danny Phantom now. XD I'll tell you since I have time. I'll shorten it. Well, I have Nicktoons Network on my TV now. So that means Danny Phantom (DP). Which means I watch it now. So now I'm in love with Ember McLain. XD I guess I'll put up a tutorial for Ember. Wow, I haven't uploaded anything on Dragoart for a long time. Well, I lost GIMP so that's why Danny looks so crappy. I used MS Paint. Well, I also didn't put much effort into so... You know what makes me angry?! I have Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter on a CD. But my computer is annoying so it won't install it!!!! GAHHHH!!! Which is why my parents are getting a Mac to share with the whole family. Which is awesome!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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