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How to Draw a Webkinz Deer

Artist: animorpher / May 20, 2009
How to Draw a Webkinz Deer

Step 1.

First, draw a bunch of circles and lines for Bob's basic outline. So what? I named him Bob.

Step 2.

draw the ears, nose, and begin the arms.

Step 3.

Shape out the back feet and shape out the head of Bob. Finish the front legs.

Step 4.

Draw the inside of the ears. Draw the bottom of the body and draw the hooves. Make a curve to show his muzzle. Draw his eyebrows and his mouth

Step 5.

Draw Bob's eyes and his lip. Draw a line to show his white tummy. After you finish this step, outline it with a black pen or ink or just erase the first step.

Step 6.

Finally, after you color it in the make it colorful and bright, add your signature at the bottom if you have one. I really hoped you enjoyed this tutorial because I enjoyed making it! Till my next tutorial, peace peeps!

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Artist: animorpher
Date Added: May 20, 2009
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Description: Hey peoples, it's me, animorpher today with a new tutorial - a Webkinz deer! I was bored so I just started doodling, and I decided to make it a tutorial. So I hope you peeps will love this tutorial because I think it's really cute! I don't know what I have to say about this tutorial. So take out a piece of paper and a pencil and draw away!