How to Draw Ember McLain

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Let's draw out the guidelines and shapes to form a workable frame for our Danny Phantom character. Start with a circle for the head, and then add the guidelines for her body frame starting with the torso, waist and or hips, and then the legs and shar   


You will now start drawing out her hairstyle which is in an up-do. Her bangs are parted and hangs on the sides of her face like a frame, and her ponytail is tied to sit high. Draw out her rockin left arm, and then move to the next step.


Finish drawing out her arm, and hand. Next sketch out the round shape of her face, and then draw her half moon shaped eyes. You will continue this step by drawing Ember's torso, and waist, as well as the side of her electric guitar.


Fill in her face by adding her eyeballs, and mouth which has a bottom and top lip. She also has these curled cyan lines on her face too. Next add the chocker around her neck, and then finish drawing out her electric guitar, or at least the body part,   


The top of the guitar is designed to look like a flame. Draw this part out first, and then you can add the six strings, frets, and then the artwork that styles up her special guitar. You can then draw out the full length of her legs, and then draw th   


Let's finish drawing Ember McLain shall we? All you have to do is sketch out her boots. Start with the top of the foot, and then draw the platform design that is supposed to look like a skull. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step   


Now that you are finished drawing Ember, you can begin having more fun coloring her in using some simple colors. Black, gray, purple, and turquoise.

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April 13, 2010

Description: The very popular show that airs on Nickelodeon “Danny Phantom”, has come a long way since it's start. As the show progressed, more and more characters where developed and aired as rivals, friends, and villains for young Danny Fenton. This first character that I am submitting today will be on “how to draw Ember McLain", step by step. This is a reoccurring villain that Danny has to ward off once in a while. She is considered to be one of the many ghost villains that has a bad temper, and always wants things her way, or no way at all. Ember uses her guitar as her main weapon of choice, but she also has the ability to hypnotize people or her victims whenever she wants. If you try and capture her you will definitely have your hands full because she absolutely hates authority, and anyone who comes in her way. I think she's a pretty cool character from the series, and I especially like her subtle colors she wears as her signature style. The colors gray, black, purple, and turquoise seems to fit her profile as well. What really makes her outfit though is her boots. The band KISS used to wear those type of platform boots on stage, and they came in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs. Drawing Ember McLain was pretty easy, and I think you should be able to complete this lesson with ease. This Danny Phantom character was also a tutorial request, so for the member that wanted her as a lesson, you got it! Have fun guys, and I will meet you all back in a few.

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