How to Draw Crusty the Clown

Artist: simpson_kid1123 / August 7, 2009

Step 1.

First off draw his two circle shaped eyes and oval nose. Next continue with the bumps on his brow and abnormally long forehead. Next draw the outline of his lower cheekbone.

Step 2.

Step two is fairly simple now draw his two half circle ears and the rest of his cheek which is not much. but you also need to draw his 8 teeth and mouth and tongue which looks like two halves of a circle right next to each other.

Step 3.

Now all you need to draw are his three parts of curly hair and pupils. All in All I hoped you liked my tutorial!!!!!

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Artist: simpson_kid1123
Date Added: August 7, 2009
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Tags: how to draw clowns, how to draw the simpsons, how to draw the simpsons characters
Description: My second tutorial for today yay yay yay. And I've started to feel proud I've decided It's a nice feeling so I'm gonna keep drawing!