How to Draw Chiaotzu

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Begin by making an egg shape for the head, and then draw out the shapes of the torso, and wide open legs. When that is done draw in the guidelines for the face, and arms.


Now you will sketch out the actual shape of the face and or head like so. When that is all set, you can begin drawing the shirt and be sure to include the folds, and wrinkles.


Okay, the third thing you are going to need to do is make the hat lid line which should be in contour with the shape of the head. Next, add the two mound like bumps for the eyebrows, and then draw out the ears. Lastly, make the shape for the arms, an   


Here comes the fun part. Chiaotzu is a very child like character, and because of this he has circles on his cheeks, and very excited looking eyes. Draw in the eyes, and color in the pupils. Add some detailing inside of the ears, and then draw out the   


To finish off Chiaotzu all you have to do is draw in the lines on the wrists which is nothing more than clothing detail. You will then need to make the fold or crease lines for the sash around the waist, and then draw a collar line for the shirt. Era   


Here is what Chiaotzu looks like when you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring him in. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to draw Chiaotzu, make sure you join me for more drawing fun.

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November 19, 2010

Description: Hey guys, I'd like to introduce to you a tutorial that's based on one of the characters from Dragon Ball Z. This character highly resembles a clown mixed with a puppet that is seemingly creepy. I've never really seen this character take part on major roles, nor does he look like he could. His best friend is Tien, the other Dragon Ball character I've submitted here on DragoArt. He specializes in Telekinesis and telepathy, which is pretty cool for a weirdo character. Chiaotzu is most commonly seen during the 'Frieza Saga', which is actually airing on Nickelodeon at night. In this drawing lesson, you'll be learning “how to draw Chiaotzu”, step by step. I took a glance at the Kai website to get a base idea on what I'd draw him as. By using a reference, I made sure that he come out looking totally like Chiaotzu. The drawing took me a couple of hours, since the face gave me problems due to the symmetry (my weak point). It was definitely a boring process since this character has depressing colors an features. Anyways, I have to get going now. I hope you'll like this tutorial to “draw Chiaotzu”. Take note that the steps should be approached by using a compass and probably a ruler for the few straight lines. Consider using fast paced strokes for the very curved lines, since drawing them slowly can really add squiggles to the guidelines. Well, have fun and good luck! Don't forget to lend behind some feedback on how you did!

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