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How to Draw Harry Plopper

Artist: simpson_kid1123 / August 7, 2009
How to Draw Harry Plopper

Step 1.

OK first off draw his nose an oval shaped circle with two smaller ovals inside. Then move to the glasses thick rimmed and big circles. Now his ear then his mouth with two half circles as his teeth and his chin and well neck I think.

Step 2.

Now we're gonna introduce the tuft of hair similar to all of the other Simpson children ,yes I count him as a child, then move on to his left ear almost the same as the other accept fatter at the base. Now draw the rest of his glasses and legs with h   

Step 3.

This step is simple all you need to do is draw the rest of his back and other two chubby legs :)

Step 4.

Another simple step now you must draw his curly pig tail ,pigs never leave home without it , eyes as you can see pigs have eyes and the famous Harry Plopper style scar.

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Artist: simpson_kid1123
Date Added: August 7, 2009
Steps: 4
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Description: Ok so I was deciding what to do for next tutorial and it hit me Harry Plopper the cute little pig who wheres people clothes so you cant kill him.