How to Draw Chibis Step by Step

Artist: AmazingEiffel / November 1, 2013

Step 1.

First of all, we draw to circles, about the same size. And then the face lines, these help you for when we do the facial features. Note: we will be erasing these in a few steps.

Step 2.

Ok now we draw their eyes and bodies. For the eyes, draw a circle on one side and then an oval, the oval is for the other eye (of course) but since its the other side of the head where the oval is you make it thin (this goes for both chibis). Ok now    

Step 3.

Now we draw their pupils, please remember that these chibis don't include irises. We will be drawing the twinkles in their eyes here soon. And now what I would like you to do is draw their arms and legs. Just don't draw their hands yet, we will be do   

Step 4.

One of my favorite parts, we now get to draw the hair. After you have drawn their hair we draw to lines connecting their head to the bodies. These are going to be the neck. Remember you can leave any lines smudges you have, you can erase those when w   

Step 5.

Okie doke, now we go onto their hands and feet. For their hands they are almost like little mittens, so no need to draw fingers, just draw the thumb. And be sure to sketch the ends of their sleeves. The feet or shoes are very simple so that shouldn't   

Step 6.

Now we can erase ALL the unwanted lines, but only on their faces and heads. After you have done that we can sketch their mouths and noses.

Step 7.

Now for just a moment we focus on our boy chibi, I'm sure he is excited, 'cause we are going to draw his clothing! Ok, have we finished his clothes? AWESOME! Now lets do a few details in his mouth and on his ears. (See above for mouth and ear details   

Step 8.

Ok, now that we are done with our boy chibi, it's time for the girl! Lets draw her clothes, including, her dress, headband, and earring. *whistles while waits* All done are we? Sounds great! Now lets do the few details on her mouth and ears, just lik   

Step 9.

Yay we ar all done! If you wanna add a few of your own personal touches, (facials features or whatever)or color them in feel free! I hope you enjoyed drawing with me! Happy Drawing! AE

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Artist: AmazingEiffel
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Description: This tutorial shows you how to draw chibis. I have always been one for drawing chibis, they're so cute! I think this tutrial turned out really well, as it takes you through sketching to coloring them. I hope everyone enjoys! Draw on, AE