How to Draw Blue Chibi Bird


Lets first start with two even circles for her eyes. Maybe try and keep them a half an inch apart, to save room for her beak.


Now we do her beak, just draw a tiny upside down triangle. And for her pupils draw to medium sized circles, with three tiny circles inside for the twinkles.


Next, we draw her body (Three straight lines). Then, draw her three little tufts of feathers. Now her body is done.


Lastly, we draw her wings and her legs. When you draw her legs be sure to make them medium length, then draw her three toes (or talons).


And now color her in! Thanks again for drawing! I'm sure you did amazing!

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September 4, 2013

Description: This little bird is named Peppy a good friend of Chrissy's. When you draw her always and I mean ALWAYS, draw the three tufts of feathers on her head. Happy Drawing!

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